for instance: if we were left with only half of Bob's face because Bob is not two-faced then would it matter which half we had presuming we could make up the other by reflecting the first? You decide. We totally didn't count on changing his ethnicity. Thank God (I think, that's who to thank but we really don't know) for our embrace of Diversity.

If you have been following the blog team of late [and if I ever get around to publishing the recent segments] you will know that in their

scientific analysis of religion collaboration

a simpleton's model*

and in their

theology of science prayer group

there has been such an explosion of cooperation, mutual discovery, and elastic thought, that it is believed they have stumbled upon a universal ISM on which they agree that they (most likely) absolutely agree maybe. Oh the joyous eruptions of spontaneous song and gansta-rap crotch grabbing is a sight to behold. How does all of this explain these pictures above or more to the point, this page. Well Bob is a practitioner of:

 extreme agnostics

and has written a song that may appear on the surface to be a cynical ploy to further his agenda and political ambitions but truth be told was obviously an endeavor he undertook for the purposes of funness.

*next SARCASM meeting to be announced







The power of digital multi-tracking is unbelievable, and I've got a cheap ass setup. We scratched this up in an afternoon with Bob on acoustic and vocal who all the while was obsessed with getting an accurate lyric sheet produced on his laptop (I kept screwing it up by cramming all the nice stanzas into one page so I could read it while playing). Mark was banging on his e-drum pads and I pretended to play bass. We didn't have an exact arrangement and 2/3 into the song was a strange and somber refrain that must have had a structure in Bob's head but Mark and I hadn't a clue. We did two takes and Bob liked this one cause it was closer to how he imagined the arrangement but it went into left field on the refrain.

In this format, like with digital photography. you can get right down to pixel level when editing which means you can do practically anything if ya got the patience.  So I cut and pasted together a refrain from different parts of Mark's drum tracks that makes no real music sense but forces things back in time or almost. It turns out that after wandering thru the refrain we came out the other side a bit like a bat out of hell but if we overlook that particular acceleration there is now a structure, weird as it may be.  That Mark could have played a usable track in those circumstances is amazing. I worked on a bass tack for the last week and it still sucks but I'll get it eventually.




The aftermath of my schoolboy arts and crafts was the complete disassimilation of everything but the drum tracks and most of your vocals. This means I had to put rhythm guitar tracks back down making up for my limitations in that department with good old fashioned over production. I also had to redo the vocals coming out of the bridge and one other place toward the beginning. I changed Jews to souls cause it seemed as though the Jew lyric would be vaguely offensive to someone without knowing who or why. I came up with one chorus part that rivals Al Gore for stiffness  and then Greg recommended a counter rhythm vocal line like a walking bass so I tried that and wound up using the new chorus on choruses 1 half of each on 2, left the old one on 3 and combined them in the end. Also, because  you were playing your acoustic while singing I couldn't really beef up your voice or get it mixed quite right  without the damn guitar booming but it was a scratch vocal anyway and will be funner to re-do when the other tracks are done. Now it just needs some highly spiritual solo guitar, and maybe keyboards (I decided to spare you any more amateur hours but was tempted). Once we've seen the scratch up to completion it will probably need to be re done but then we'll be ready to get it right. So, make any changes or request any changes you want  Bob. I'm not sensitive about these things and I took many liberties mainly out of necessity.



wanna help?

 Anyone else wants to put any kind of track on it, just record your track in one channel of stereo with the song on the other and I can transfer it. I love hearing what different soloist do with things so go for it and if you can avoid being competitive about it, then I won't have to tell you who won and can just make fun of you behind your back.



I tell you what . Now that I've tasted blood again I'm definitely gonna get me a pro-tools setup which means I should probably get a job (Life can be sooo trying and unfair) so I'm happy to be muscling this tune out the door for the time being.



without further doo-doo I present:

now the front runner to be first original streetdog release in 22 years


first scratch up of:


Kathy, Mark's girl helped me with new background vocals. We just got the part worked up and will do the whole song when I return but I think it shows promise. check it out:

New vocal part

and remember boys DOG EYES ONLY

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