strangely at ruby tuesdays

june 25, 26, 2010

In this episode, our hero, Ziphler bravely sets out for Columbus armed to the teeth with mini-cams  having every intent of accomplishing nothing less than the world's first, spectacular, mind engrossing, senses overwhelming, fully digital, yet with that warm and fuzzy analog glow, breathtaking, captivating, love infused, social media friendly, economic juggernaut that the universe has come to expect from strangely enough. What could be simpler he mused. With all the new digital this and scalable that, the old concept of "getting the band back together" couldn't be easier. What's more, with just a few well placed, strategic phone calls, they all fell for it  .  .  . AGAIN!

Who would of thought that old fashioned notions and concepts such as pre-production, production, and post production would have any relevance in this new Jersey Shore world. Ziphler certainly didn't. Yet, based on the old adage: whether you plant a seed or not, weeds will grow, there appears before you the ultimate result of actions taken that humid stormy day in Columbus.



saturday set list

these are big files that will require a lot of buffering to stream

recommend that you save to disk* before playing

this is a requirement for the 3Mbps files

*for windows right  click and "save target as" for apple, do what apple people do


1st set

cold rain and snow

eicho eicho

cihinacat sunflower/I know you rider

take me to the river

illusions/not fade away/ghostown/deal

  256Kbps                       1.5Mbps                       3Mbps



2nd set

werewolves of london/us blues


gloria/saturday nite/lovelight

burning down the house




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